Plural of loculus: a Latin word literally meaning little place and was used in a number of senses including to indicate a satchel. Satchels were carried by Roman legionaries, as a part of their sarcina or luggage. (Wikipedia)

Chicago TI Friday - Companion gathering to Chicago TI International World Faire

Chicago Faire Companion Friday Event Contribution
"Asking $25 per person to cover conference room -- this is optional and ANY amount is appreciated."

Chicago TI Friday reservation site
"Thursday, October 31, to Sunday, October 3, $142 per night, free parking and breakfast."

Chicago TI Friday - Companion gathering to Chicago TI World Faire (AtariAge Thread)
"Discussion and more information on the arrangements"

Google Maps: Hilton Garden Inn Chicago North Shore/Evanston
"1818 Maple Avenue, Evanston, Illinois, 60201, USA +1-847-475-6400"